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If you like to earn free stuff I would recommend Super Points. It’s an easy way to earn Paypal cash, gift cards, iPads, iPod and other great prizes. Here is an invite link:

 If you don’t know how Super points works read below where I posted some tips to get started:

After you join first confirm your email, add a picture, and complete your profile. This will increase the amount of points you earn and increase the number of people you can invite. Then go to the top to “invite friends”. Once you are there send emails to friends then on the right click on “Special Link”. Once you create your special link go to forums that you use and make a new thread with your referral link (make sure you read the forum rules to make sure it is ok to do) you can find lots of coupon and freebie forums that will allow you to post your referral link. Go to your email and edit your signature settings by entering your link in the area that asks for your signature. Go to Facebook and invite your Facebook friends by posting your link in your status. Make sure you help other understand what to do as well because it will help you get the friends you need. You make more points once you have at least 5 people who COMPLETE their profile so make sure you explain this. Once you have 5 friends you earn the points your friends earn. After this go back Super Points and hover over “Get Points” at the top then click the “Super Points button” to start earning.

You are more than welcome to copy and paste the explanation paragraph above to explain to your friends how to make the best out of Super Points.